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2013_Federal Advisor Certificate Program 2013-2014

We're proud to announce the new Federal Advisor Certificate

The Partnership for Public Service is proud to offer the Federal Advisor Certificate of Completion program. This program is designed to provide advisors with a comprehensive view of how to:

  • Advise students on federal opportunities

  • Build agency relationships

  • Promote federal service on campus

This is a great professional development opportunity for those interested in effectively providing the latest and greatest information, as well as job search strategies to students interested in public sector careers.

Requirements and Program Content

To receive a Partnership for Public Service Federal Advisor Certificate of Completion, advisors must demonstrate a commitment to promoting public service opportunities by:

  • Gaining a command of federal hiring process and opportunities

  • Demonstrating active promotion of these opportunities on campus

  • Establishing the capability and commitment to building agency relationships.

To obtain the certificate of completion, each participant must complete all events in the following three areas.


Virtual Federal Advisor
Training Series

+ 2

Federal Advisor
Strategy Package

+ 3

Go Government
Webinar Series

Cost of Trainings

Purchase all events in the three areas required to obtain the Federal Advisor Certificate of Completion for $534.00. If you do not wish to purchase all events, each of the three areas can be purchased individually.

Certificate Terms

For those pursuing the certificate from the same school, each advisor must complete the virtual training (separate registrations) and host the Go Government webinar series in different semesters. They are permitted to participate jointly in the Federal Advisor Strategy Package programming for credit towards the certification.

The certificate of completion is valid for four years for each federal advisor. The period of validity begins upon completion of the last requirement of the certificate—whether that is the final virtual training, webinar, or component of the second tier programming. After four years, the participant must attend a Federal Advisor Training for renewal of the certificate.

It is incumbent upon the advisor to submit for the Federal Advisor Certificate of Completion by emailing at the completion of the requirements. Upon verification of completion, the participant will then by mailed a certificate.

Retroactive Qualification

With the advent of the new Pathways Programs, the Partnership is not able to offer retroactive credit towards a certificate for those who have completed a Federal Advisor Training or the Go Government webinar series before June 2012.

Event Details

Time: 1:00 PM - 1:00 PM

We're sorry, the deadline for buying tickets for this event has passed.


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