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The Recovery Act of 2009: Applications for 2012
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What can we learn from the Recovery Act of 2009? As Congress and federal agencies seek to further improve accountability, transparency, and program performance, what are the major takeaways from the Recovery Act experience?  How can those lessons be applied to new legislative initiatives such as the DATA Act of 2012?

In 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act), creating an unprecedented $787 billion economic stimulus package that provided targeted funding to more than 250 federal programs that could give immediate help to saving and creating jobs, required speed in spending funds, and demanded transparency of operations with frequent and regular reporting of expenditures. As new efforts to transform federal performance and reporting are put forth, it is critical to learn from the recent past by building on what works and refining what doesn't.


Danny Werfel   
Federal Controller and Board Member
Government Accountability
and Transparency Board 

Earl Devaney 
First Head of the Recovery
Accountability and Transparency Board

Ali Ahmad
Communications Adviser
House Committee on Oversight
and Government Reform

Howard Dickenson
Assistant Director for Recovery Operations
Department of Energy

Amy Edwards
Performance Budgeting Specialist
Senate Committee on the Budget


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